Ray Charles

By: Lilian Le, Jack Capurso

Early Life

  • Born September 23, 1930
  • Born into poverty family in Albany, Georgia
  • Blind at age 7 from glaucoma
  • Went to St Augustine(Florida) for the deaf and blind
  • Began singing at 16 in local hillbilly group
  • Studied music, piano, and braille


  • Role model Nat King Cole
  • Gospel
  • Jazz
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Country
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Artie Shaw

His music

  • Formed his own band 1955
  • "I Got a Woman" (1955)
  • "Hit the Road Jack"
  • " A Fool for You"
  • first million sell out "What'd I Say"
  • "Busted"
  • "Crying time"
  • Released first album in 1957

Time Period

  • In the 50's cold war was rising up
  • In the 60's called "turbulent" uncontrolled electrifying events and social change
  • Civil activism
  • People were against the war of Vietnam
  • 80's equality for women, growth of technology, decline of labor
  • Died June 10, 2004

Interesting Facts

  • African american singer
  • Music helped him escaped from his problems
  • Changed his named to Ray Charles to not get confused with a boxer
  • His music got popular during War War 2
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Ray Charles - What'd I Say LIVE