Medical Technology Pro's and Con's

Laura Mendez

New Medical Technology

Technology we are now have available to yourself and your kids makes treating and healing more easier on seeing what may be going on with your body. It's an easier way to make sure you're better physically and mentally. New technology like the PillCam which is a pill that contains a camera in it to see your intestines and see if you could be getting early stages of cancer and also there is a new app ; Doctor on Demand app that allow you to be able to talk to medical professionals through video chat instead of going in for doctor appointments. Although we are having technology that has many benefits to it also comes with some limits to go against you on what you are able to do with each of the new products we have available to us today.
See How Doctor on Demand Can Be Used for Video Therapy

Doctor on Demand

It's an app that allows you to video chat with medical professionals and be able to meet up with them virtually. With this app medical professionals are available to speak to you at any point of the day, 24 hours the day 365 days of the year. The app is found free in the google play store along with in the apple store, you don't need to pay the app until a session is opened. Payments range from $40 depending on who you speak to etc.

- Pro's -

  • You can speak to a medical professional at any point of the day
  • You don't have to take time off of work to go to the doctor
  • Save of money from paying baby sitter, gas etc.
  • Not expensive
  • Expert advice

- Con's -

  • Isn't able to help for all medical reasons.
  • Can be difficult to handle if not known with technology.
PillCam COLON Animation, Abnormal


The PillCam, basically what is what the name is. It's a pill that has a camera in it. It is used to be able to examine your intestines and be able to see any signs or early signs of cancer happening in your body to preventing it from the chances of it growing. Can be very beneficial but along with it it has it's downsides to the product.

- Pro's -

  • Painless
  • More efficient than x-rays
  • No side effects
  • able to see early signs of cancer

- Con's -

  • Battery might not last long
  • Not reusable
  • Expensive
  • Body restrictions (Avoiding bending down for 10+ hours)
  • Avoid being near high levels of electromagnetic fields.


We have new technology that had become available to us but has it's set backs and limitations but it comes along with more sufficient results to your medical health.