Brookie's X-mas Party!

A place for family's to have a 2 fun nights together!

The Ride!

I just ran to my parent's car, and I hopped right into it as fast as I could. I was ready to go to my Grandparent's House for the best Christmas party ever. On the way we got stuck at the airport for 3 hours. I was so mad that I missed out an hour in an half of the party. When we finally got there everybody was waiting there for us by the door. I went

The Food!

My Aunt's Cranberries

My Aunt always makes the best cranberries and blueberries ever. She picks them fresh from garden in the summer then she freezes them up in for the winter. When winter comes we un-freeze them and them enjoy them. They are so good and delicious and I always just gobble them down right away!

Christmas Cookies

We always love decorating Christmas cookies. We always make star and tree shaped ones. We always decorate the cookies, so that there is always more frosting and sprinkles then the actual cookie dough that we bake! They are so good but, so unhealthy for you!

Friday, Dec. 18th 2009 at 5pm to Sunday, Dec. 20th 2009 at 1pm

Brookeville, MD, United States

Brookeville, MD