Colonial Fun and Games

Michael Stoll

When did girls and boys work?

Boys and girls worked early and late. Back in colonial times they thought it was a sin to be lazy. The children had to work to build houses, help gardening and do chores around the house or farm.

Did children have any time to play?

The children always found time to play. They sang songs. They played games like us like tag and blind mans buff. But the children did not have much time to play.

What games did boys like?

Boys loved playing ball. Some wild kids climbed trees! Some boys made play parades around the tree or house! On windy days they went to fly their kites on their lawn or in big cities at the city park. In the winter they skated on icy ponds. Sometimes they had popguns to pop. They shot marbles sometimes! Like us now, they spun tops. They also rolled hoops. Colonial boys loved to play many games.

What games did girls like?

LIke now they played with dolls. Their dolls were made out of rags and cornhusks. The dolls were fashionable. In big cities like Boston one lucky girl would get a free doll if it got to old. They also sewed samplers. They sewed birds and tree flowers. They made up mottos and made the alphabet! Girls loved games too.

Were there special days for fun?

They had a special day for fun every month. It was called Training Day! Men ran races. They held fights and also took part in shooting contests. They gave prizes to the winners! There was feasting. They got together to help make neighbors's houses. People in colonial times still had fun!

Were there special laws for fun?

In the winter-no sledding. In the summer-some towns no swimming. People couldn't dance but people danced anyway. In large town like Boston Or New York City children at school got dancing lessons.