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News for New NPE Teachers from Ms. Welch


Welcome new teachers! We are so glad you are a part of the New Prospect Panther family!

I am Heather Welch, your Curriculum Support Teacher and your Teacher Induction Advisor. I will be supporting you this year. This week you will have a mentor to help with the little things but I am always here to help support you! We will have a check in each month to help you along the way but please feel free to come see me at anytime you need help!
There is a great article below titled "Find Your Marigold". It is worth the read!

Mark Your Calendar

Upcoming New Teacher Check in dates. All check ins will begin at 3:00pm

Stay tuned for the location. Most likely the Collaboration Room.

August 29

September 26

October 24

November 28

December 12

January 30

February 27

March 27

April 24

May 15

Think about these guiding questions for our upcoming check in:

What are some examples of the ways you make connections with your students?
  • What is your process for developing classroom rules and procedures?
  • How do you address inappropriate behavior?
  • How do you encourage students to celebrate other students' success?

Focus: Classroom Management Strategies

Voice Levels

Like so much of classroom management, the key to managing voice levels is to define for your students what you expect of them—and then hold them to it. Your students need to know during the school day whether it’s an allowable time to talk, who they’re free to talk with, and what volume level is appropriate. The idea is to standardize a few simple volume levels for your classroom, teach them to your students, and then clarify for each activity which level is appropriate. For example, before releasing your students to work on an art project, you might say simply, “We are working at a level two.” It’s important—and only fair—to thoroughly teach, model, and role-play each level before putting the strategy into practice. Show your students in a detailed way how to interact and behave within each level and then let them try it out. I created the below posters for use in my classroom. Feel free to use.

Attention Getters without raising your voice-

How do you get the attention of your class? Why not try these attention "getters"? My favorite and go to is "Hot Fudge.....Sundae" and "Banana....split". Can you think of more?
Big image

Nonverbal Communication

Don't underestimate the value of nonverbal cues/signals in your classroom!
Use transition slides to help students know the expectations before and/or during a transition or working time. It also saves you from giving instructions/directives a million times! Below is an example of what I used during class changes, work times, etc.

Sign language in the classroom:

Children learn faster when they can hear, see and feel the words they are learning. Consider using a few signs to as a positive multi-modal teaching/management solution. I implemented these American Sign Language signs (along with the ASL alphabet) in my classroom. They were great for students to use across the room or in the hall. Using the sign(s) did not require talking or interrupting my small group instruction. I could nod or shake my head no to acknowledge the request. I used the alphabet with students learning letters and letter sounds or to check for understanding. There are many classroom signs available that are not ASL but I wanted my students to learn so they could utilize it in the real world if they wished. Teachers can use sign language to:
  1. Manage students behavior
  2. Keep students actively engaged
  3. Assist students in literacy development of phonics, reading, and spelling
  4. Assist students in speech development
  5. Assist students in language development
  6. Promote positive peer to peer communication and interactions
Other ideas:
  1. Enhance calendar and circle time
  2. Pair with phonics for alphabet and letter/sound learning
  3. Pair with sight words with printed text for faster reading development
  4. Use finger spelling with printed spelling words
  5. Enhance vocabulary acquisition for new words
  6. Enhance speech and language development with students with disabilities
  7. Enhance speech and language development with students who are Second Language Learners (ELL)

See it in action:
Thank you:

Enjoy your weekend!