Would you like to earn $250?

and help a teen in a different part of the world!

An opportunity for our current school personal!

Dear Principals, counselors and school administration,

Do you know a wonderful family that would welcome an international student into their home and make them part of their family for a semester or an academic year? If yes, then we'd like your help!

World Heritage Student Exchange is offering $250 per student for each host family referral. You only need to provide us with the name and number of a potential host family and if they decide to host a student for the upcoming 2016-17 school year, World Heritage Student Exchange will send you $250 when the student arrives from their home country in August, 2016. Think of it as a "thank you" from us for helping to provide a teen from a different country the opportunity to experience their dream of living as an American teen for a semester or an academic year.

We have our regular students and we also have scholarship students. We have four scholarship programs whereby the students have won a scholarship out of thousands of applicants for the opportunity to come to the USA based on need and merit. These students are high achievers that would not necessarily have had this opportunity without the scholarship.

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Our students!

Above are the profiles of just a few of our students, we have many nationalities with lots of different hobbies to match any family and their lifestyle. Our students come from all over the world. They arrive with their own pocket money and health insurance. The host family only needs to provide a bed (the student can share a bedroom with a host sibling) and 3 meals a day. The student will be part of the family, join in with chores, they will teach the family all they would like to know about their home country, culture and language as they learn all about the USA. It is truly a very rewarding cultural exchange.

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Please let me know if you have a family in mind to host one of our students or if you would like to host a student. World Heritage Student Exchange believes that every family in the USA should host at least once to experience this remarkable cultural adventure.