Jewelry in candles

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We sell 100% natural soy candles/tarts with jewelry inside every scented product

through the month of April become a rep for $29.95 and receive all scent samples, and your FREE eCommerce store, and also if you sell $250 in your first 30 days and the start up cost and S&H will be refunded back to you!
Did you know? We are the only company that allows you to choose your favorite jewelry? whether its a Necklace, earrings, and rings sizes (6-9). How amazing is that? and we have various variety of scents to choose from. come visit my website at and visit my facebook page.

Candle Delicacy! Come shop with me, or become part of my awesome team

hours are anytime, go to or email me to contact me. If you would like more information!

Candle Delicacy

our candles are 21 oz last 100-150 hrs and cost $24.95 and our tarts are jumbo 5.5 oz last 60 hrs and cost $15.95.