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About the company

Disney was created on October 16th 1923 by Roy and Walt Disney. When they started the company they had a couple thousand dollars (mainly borrowed mind you) a second hand camera and a little else. When the company first started it was first called Disney Brothers Studio. Then later on the name changed to Walt Disney studios. After that BIG change years later the company was not doing well, so they created Touch Stone Pictures for adult films the films were a HUGE sucess!!! Now days Disney has The Lion King and Frozen the most sucessful movies they had ever made. Now they are featuring girl power. One of the main effects this company has on modern day society is the fact that they created the first animated film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. The movie was released in 1937. And as you can presume everyone ADORED the movie. Next most recently Disney started the town Celebration Florida to add on to Disney World. But the creation stopped due to Walt Disney's death. The company is now expanding now with Frozen and Moana coming up. Thank you for reading.