What you can do before an interview

Before the Interview

1. What you can do before an interview is go over with what you are going to say and how you are going to say whatever it is.

2. You also wanna look over with what the outfits you should wear like which would actually look more professional but not to dark, not to light, and not really much designs on them.

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What to do during an interview

1. What you do during the interview make sure once when you walk in you shake hands with the person or employer and greet them.

2. How early you should arrive is you should get up at a certain time to be there but before that day comes make sure you get enough sleep so you're alert by the next day.

3. What you should bring is some kind of purse or a suitcase for whenever you may need it.

4. And also make sure you ask questions for anything that you may need to know like how much money might this job give?

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5 Common Questions and tips on how to answer them

1. Think of some questions that you might have for them before and during the interview.

2. If they ask you something or tell them about you, you should be specific, give examples, be detailed as possible, but don't tell about your personal stuff.

3. Tell them about your work experience.

4. Tell them what your biggest accomplishments that you had or did.

5. And also tell them about what your greatest strengths are and what your work skills are .

After the Interview

1. What you should do after you are done with the interview is you should stand up, shake their hands with them like you did when you greeted them before the interview.

2. Make sure you thank them or write a thank you note for them.

Interview Don'ts

1. For interview don'ts first you should not wear most of the clothes that you would wear for most of the time.

2. You should never talk on the phone or text when you're at a interview. If you have a phone turn it off.

3. Don't chew gum or anything like that.

4. Don't put your feet up on the table or slouch down and don't sleep during the interview.

5. And also don't be late.

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What women should wear

For women they should wear something professional like a black skirt or a nice dress. Not to short or to long and no designs or bright colors on it. For shoes they can wear high heels but they shouldn't be really high because then you could trip and fall and break or sprain your ankle.
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What men should wear

What men should wear for an interview is they should have a nice dress suit, khakis, no jeans, and nice dress shoes.
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