Dear FSH Family Members and Friends

Happy New Year!

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” I am reminded of the importance and impact of these words as we continue to work through the challenges and difficulties of COVID-19. I am extremely proud of the work and efforts of the Fargo South students, teachers, counselors, staff, and parents since March 2020. Our Bruin community continues to Strive for Excellence every day!

On January 25th, Fargo Schools transitioned to Level 4 per the FPS Smart Restart plan and Group 1 and Group 2 students returned to in-person learning. The return of students has once again filled the building with energy, excitement, and Bruin magic. We will continue to stress the importance of correct mask wearing, social distancing (when possible), hand sanitizing, disinfecting, and other safety protocols.

In addition, with the start of the second semester, it is important that all students have a strong start to the new semester. If students require/want additional time, support, and access to their teachers, they are encouraged to utilize Bruins Achieving More (BAM) time on Monday – Thursday from 7:50 – 8:20. Please see the BAM pamphlet in the newsletter.

As the New Year begins, so does the task of building the class schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. South High and CBE Counselors will meet with students in grades 8 – 11 during January and February to distribute registration materials, discuss course selections, and review graduation requirements.

Registration Timelines and Highlights

January 26th – Counselors met with current freshmen

January 28th – Counselors met with current sophomores

February 1st – Counselors meet with current juniors

February 8th – Counselors meet with EL students

February – Counselor will contact students enrolled in virtual academies

Students will be given one week from the day they receive their materials to enter their course selections on their own. Counselors have created a tutorial recording to review the steps to select and submit course requests for next year (unable to find the link – check with Laurie). All registrations are to be completed by February 26th. Students will be required to enroll in a minimum of 6.0 credits.

As course selections are chosen for the 2021-2022 school year, it is important to consider the following points:

  • It is a top priority to assist your son/daughter in choosing appropriate classes. Students will register for classes in which they will make a commitment. Year-long classes are year-long commitments.
  • The master schedule is determined by student requests. From these requests, sections are determined, and teachers are contracted. The schedule is built with the goal of maintaining appropriate class sizes. To avoid disappointment of not being able to add or DROP a class, it is imperative that accurate course selections are made.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their counselors, visit with instructors, peers, or administrators regarding course selections. Also, students are directed to review course information in the Program of Studies booklet or the Registration Special.

Thank you for your assistance in determining your son/daughter’s course selections for next year and preparing an appropriate plan of study. If you have any questions prior to course selections, please contact your son/daughter’s counselor. A well-planned course of study now may save disappointment next year when a desired class change may not be possible.

We encourage you to connect with South High School by accessing our school website at, twitter accounts - @fshactivities and @fargosouthhigh or by calling the main office at 701-446-2000. We appreciate your continued support and partnership.

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for March 8th and 11th and will be virtual this semester.

Spring is just around the corner!

Dr. Todd D. Bertsch



Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday, March 8th and Thursday, March 11th from 4:00 – 7:00 PM each day. Because of COVID, all conferences will be virtual (no in-person conferences) for the spring semester. Parents/guardians will receive an email which will provide instructions on how to register for conferences. All conferences are scheduled for 10-minute intervals and will connect with teachers via Zoom or by phone. We appreciate your understanding and adjusting to the new format.

Traveling teachers and their conference times are listed below.

Conference Schedule


Bruins Achieving More
Bruins Achieving More
Snow Day Procedures


Fargo Public Schools maintains close communication with officials of the U.S. Weather Service, local government, and neighboring school districts in order to make decisions regarding inclement weather and other emergency situations that are in the best interest of the safety of our students, staff and parents. The decision to hold classes is based on the general weather conditions which exist for the majority of Fargo students.

Each weather event is looked at individually with multiple sources of information consulted before making the final decision on whether or not to hold school due to inclement weather. The decision to keep schools open or to close them results for weighing factors including excessive snow, temperature or wind chill numbers, wind speeds, road conditions, and the safety of bussing students.

The decision to close school will be made and communicated in as timely of a manner as possible. Closing our schools has a tremendous impact on our parents and community. We strive to make the decision if needed with enough time for parents to make arrangements for supervision of their children. However, at times, a decision the morning of a school day may need to be made to see what weather materializes overnight; if a decision is made in the morning, the decision will be made by 6:00 a.m.

Parents, please keep the following in mind:

If school is in session, and a parent decides that a student should remain at home due to weather conditions, that decision will be respected by the school. Parents should use their own judgment in determining if the weather is suitable for their children to make the journey to school. It is always up to parents to make the final decision about whether or not to send their student to school if they believe weather conditions present a safety issue. The absence for the day would be considered an excused absence.

If school is called off, parents will be contacted via the automated phone, email and text system based on the contact information supplied to the school office(s). Parents are encouraged to update contact information with the school on a regular basis so we have up to date contact information. This can be done through PowerSchool or by calling the school office. School cancellation information will also be broadcasted via local media, and will be posted across our website and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter).

If weather or a situation develops during the day, and it is determined that an early dismissal is in the best interest of the students, parents will be contacted via the automated phone, email and text system based on the contact information supplied to the school office(s). Parents are encouraged to update contact information with the school on a regular basis so we have up to date contact information. This can be done through PowerSchool or by calling the school office. School closure information will also be broadcasted via local media, and the information will be posted on our website and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter).

In our elementary schools, principals will proceed with an orderly dismissal consistent with the instructions provided by parents on the Plan for School Closing Due to Weather or emergency form filled out at the beginning of the year.

If it is announced that school will be starting late, we will begin the school day @ 10:30.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding in this important matter. Be assured that the well-being of your children is of utmost importance to us.


Semester 1 report cards are now posted on PowerSchool for you to view.


1st Semester

June 8 - June 30

2nd Semester

July 6 - July 28

PE classes are June 8 - July 28

Vacation Dates are July 1 - 5

Registration begins Mach 2.

To register for classes go to


June 6, 2021


Location: TBD


4 credits of English

  • English 1 or Honors English 1
  • English 2 or Honors English 2
  • English 3 or AP English 3 Lang/Comp
  • English 4 or AP English 4 Lit/Comp

3 credits of Math

  • Algebra 1 or Algebra 1-Intro/Conclusion
  • Geometry or Informal Geometry
  • Additional Math beyond Geometry

3 credits of Science

  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Additional Science

3 credits of Social Studies

  • Western Civilization/AP European History
  • US History/AP US History
  • Economics/AP Economics
  • Government/AP Government

1.5 credit Physical Education

0.5 credits Health

3 Credits of World Language, Fine Arts, or Career and Tech Ed.

6 credits of Elective classes

24 total credits

Pass the Civics Test


Nearly every day new scholarship opportunities arrive at South High. Students and parents should recognize that there are a wide variety of criteria used to award scholarship dollars. These include, but are not limited to: financial need, community service, extra co-curricular activities, academic ability, talents/interests, ethnicity, military affiliation, apprenticeship, and 2-year schools.

Where do I look?

South High Resources:


  • Click on Counseling Center
  • Click on Scholarships
  • Scholarship listings are also posted on the website regularly

Outside Resources

  • Internet (see a listing of other websites at our website)
  • Books
  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • School you plan to attend (admissions or financial aid office)

Applications for scholarships are usually online; others can be found in the Career Center. Timelines and deadlines for scholarships vary, please watch them closely.

SEE YOUR COUNSELOR or Megan Olson in the Career Center for more information!


The North Dakota Legislature created the ND Academic or Technical scholarships to encourage and reward high school students for taking challenging coursework in preparation for attending a college or university in North Dakota.

The total value of the scholarship is $6,000, disbursed $750 per semester or $500 per quarter. Recipients have up to six years following high school graduation to use the scholarship. To qualify for a disbursement, recipients must be enrolled full-time, as defined by the financial aid office at the institution, maintain the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.75, and maintain progress towards degree completion requirements of the scholarship.

The scholarship can be used at any of the approved public, private or tribal colleges within the state of North Dakota. Eligible institutions must be regionally accredited and offer programs of study of at least 2 years in length.

Scholarship Criteria


March 2, 2021 is the state mandated and paid ACT test for all juniors. This ACT is a Standard ACT with writing and can be used for college admissions, the same as an ACT administered on a National test day. This testing is not optional and is free. This is a great opportunity for juniors to qualify for $6000 scholarships offered through the state (see above for more information). Please call the Counseling Office at 701-446-2015 if you have any questions about this program.


The ACT and SAT are college entrance tests required by most 4 year colleges. Students should check with the specific schools they plan to apply to for the test needed. These tests are generally taken during the latter part of a student’s junior year and during senior year.

Due to COVID-19, available testing sites are limited. Please check (ACT) or (SAT) for test site availability.

ACT Exam Schedule for 2020/21

South High School Code: 350-565

ACT Basic Fee: $55.00

ACT & Writing Test: $70.00

Late Registration—add $35.00

SAT Exam Schedule for 2020/21

South High School Code: 350-565

SAT Basic Fee: $52.00

SAT w/Essay: $68.00

Late Registration: Add $30.00


All Sophomores will be taking the Pre-ACT on March 2nd. This is a great opportunity for students to practice test-taking skills and feel more prepared for taking the ACT their junior year. PreACT scores provide valuable insight into students’ predicted performance on the ACT and help inform important high school course decisions. PreACT reporting includes both academic and career indicators which are designed to identify strengths and areas for improvement and help students get a more complete view of their college and career readiness.


If students qualify for the free lunch program, there are opportunities available for him/her to receive fee waivers or cost reductions for some events. These may include fee waivers for ACT/SAT/PSAT exams; reduced price for AP exams; scholarships for ZAPS workshops; and college applications. Please check with your counselor to make sure students access these opportunities.


High School sophomores, juniors, and seniors can now process transcript requests electronically through eTranscripts. Students request their transcript securely and at their convenience through their PowerSchool account.

1. Students log into their PowerSchool account and click on the icon with the arrow/box

2. Click ND Education Portal

3. Click tab with student’s name

4. Click Send Transcript tab

5. Search by State in where college is located

6. Scroll to find college and click on it

7. Click send now

Please allow 2 days for approval. If you have any questions, please stop by the Counseling Office or call Keelie Goodman @ 701-446-2016.


Near perfect attendance is important because students are more likely to succeed in academics when school is attended consistently. If a student is recorded as being truant (unexcused absence) or is late to class, a detention will be assigned for each period of truancy and every third tardy.

An entry will be made in PowerSchool that will identify the date and period that the detention was earned. To access detention information, login to your PowerSchool account. There you will see the current detentions and how many have carried over from previous years.

At South High School, detention can be served Monday – Thursday from 3:45pm – 4:30pm or Saturday mornings from 9:00—Noon. Detentions will be expected to be served within one week of the unexcused absence(s). Failure to complete assigned detentions, will limit a student’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities (athletic and nonathletic) and participate in graduation ceremonies.


Every graduating senior is allowed to submit a portrait photo to be used as their picture in the South High Yearbook. This photo must follow the guidelines and rules from school policy, dress code, and law. Not following these guidelines will result in the photo not being allowed in the yearbook and the student will be asked to submit a different photo.

  1. Subjects including promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, guns, weapons, or depiction of violence may not be worn or shown in the photo.
  2. Photos with accessories (i.e. hats, scarves, jewelry), props (i.e. sports equipment, musical instruments, cars), and domesticated pets are allowed as long as they do not promote or condone illegal activity.
  3. The subject of the photo should be the student, not the props or background. (Yearbook staff prefers head and shoulder photos.)

Photos may be edited or not published if they represent or include any of the following:

  • Violating school policies and behavior codes
  • Displays of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, or weapons of any kind
  • Inappropriate gestures, facial expressions, postures, or hand gestures
  • Revealing, suggestive, or obscene clothing

All photos submitted must conform to school standards and policies and if needed, may be subject to review or approval by, but not limited to the yearbook staff, the yearbook advisor, and the school administration.

The yearbook staff reserves the right to edit or deny any submitted photo for publication and printing in the book.

The yearbook is a school publication, supervised by a student media advisor, and shall be reviewed by an administrator if the publication goes against school policy. (NDCC Ch. 15.1-19-25)

Digital Photo Requirements:

All photos must be at 300 dpi in resolution and at least 1.5 by 2 inches in size. Pictures need to be saved as a JPG file. Photos files must be named with the senior’s legal last name and then the legal first name (ex: Smith_William.jpg)


Senior Pictures were due January 29, 2021. Seniors can submit either a color or black and white picture. We suggest a face shot if possible and all photos must be portrait (vertical). Senior pictures must meet the requirements to be in the South Yearbook.

Pictures should be digital. Senior pictures can be emailed to

  • A late fee of $10 will be charged to any senior picture received after January 29, 2021.
  • Senior pictures will not be accepted after March 1, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation; we are working hard to make sure that all seniors are included in the 2021 Yearbook.


Reminder! Don’t forget to purchase your 2020-21 yearbook. Only $50.00. You can do this by logging into your School Pay account.

Don’t miss out on your memories of Fargo South High School.


Grad Ads for the 2021 Yearbook will be sold January 1 – March 31 (no exceptions). Order form and payment must be received to reserve your Grad Ad. We encourage ads that feature your senior in his/her younger years. We also encourage parents to consider sharing an ad with a group of seniors, like “Jazz Band Buddies.” An order form that includes sizes and prices was mailed to all seniors. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Thielges @


Prom and Post Prom are tentatively scheduled for April 24th. Additional details will be shared when they become available.


First Practice Schedule

March 1

Girls Track - 3:45 Wrestling Room

Coach: Michael Grant 701-446-4734

Boys Track – 3:45

Coach: Cameron Dockter 701-730-2739

March 22

Baseball - 6:00 South High Gym

Coach: Donn Bryant 701-446-1759

Girls Softball - 4:00 Agassiz Gym

Coach: Molly Lundon 701-446-2041

March 29

Girls Soccer - 4:00 Stadium Field

Coach: Dave Weiler 701-371-7925

April 5

Girls Tennis - 4:00 Tennis Courts

Coach: Samuel Burns 701-446-2000

April 12

Boys Golf – 4:00 Rose Creek

Coach: Kris Gillett 701-446-1835

Sports physicals are required each year, dated April 15th or later, and are required to be on file with South High trainers before practice is allowed (***See exception below). Physical forms can be found on the FPS website (; click on the Activities link. Concussion Verification and HIPPA forms as well as the co-curricular meeting are to be completed online via the parent PowerSchool account (Registration link).

***NEW THIS YEAR: Due to Covid-19, Preparticipation Physical Examinations completed for the 2019-20 school year will be accepted during the 2020-21 school year upon submission of a parent and athlete signed waiver (Form B; found on FPS website). Students who did not have a Preparticipation Physical Examinations completed for the 2019-20 school year must complete a Preparticipation Physical Examination for the 2020-21 school year.


Main Office - 446-2000

Dr. Todd Bertsch, Principal - (701) 446-2004

Greta Evenson, Asst. Principal (A-K) - (701) 446-2005

Dr. Shannon Mortrud, Asst. Principal (L-Z) - (701) 446-2008

Mike Beaton, Activities Coordinator - (701) 446-2006

Dode Bentson, Administrative Assistant - (701) 446-2010

Donna Lee, Activities Secretary - (701) 446-2011

Karri Segal, Bookkeeper - (701) 446-2022

Student Services

Laurie Schlenker (A-E) - (701) 446-2017

Heidi Fiechtner (F-K) - (701) 446-2020

Vanessa Boehm (L-Q) - (701) 446-2021

Adrienne Eider (R-Z) - (701) 446-2019

Keelie Goodman, Registrar - (701) 446-2016

Beth Phillips, Secretary - (701) 446-2015

Troy Nielsen, SRO - (701) 446-2025

Megan Olson, Career Center - (701) 446-2028

Amber Fish, School Nurse - (701) 446-2034

ATTENDANCE OFFICE (701) 446-2023

Good attendance, whether at school or on the job, is very important. If a student must be absent from school, please call Tyann Schlenker @ (701) 446-2023.

Class attendance will be reported daily by period. It is the intent of the attendance secretary to contact parents at home or work the same day by phone to directly report any class(es) that have been reported as absent.

Parents would you remind your students that are leaving school early for ANY reason that they need to pick up their exit pass from the Attendance Secretary. We are not always able to deliver passes in a timely manner. If students are leaving early for an appointment or other reason, they need to pick up their pass prior to their appointment. Also – If your student is going to an appointment dentist, doctor, etc. they need to bring an appointment slip back from the doctor/dentist to attendance when they return to school to have the absence excused for an activity.


Philanthropy and Youth helps provide a little extra warmth for people in our community leaving incarceration or half-way houses. For their inspire.lead.share project this year, members of PaY spent time after school and on weekends getting together to make hats and mittens to be distributed. Over 115 sets of hats and mittens were made.

Trollwood Picture


Trollwood Performing Arts School 2021 Summer Registration Open

Get ready to Color Your Summer! Trollwood Performing Arts School is excited to welcome students back to the stage with a full array of 2021 summer performing arts educational opportunities. 2020 was a difficult year for those who are passionate about performing arts. Many classes and performances were canceled due to COVID-19. Upcoming summer arts programming will help students rekindle their affection for the arts, boost their creativity, and pave the way for their future, whether they aspire to pursue a career in the arts or any other professional opportunities. Click this link to register. Click this link to view the full programming brochure.

Fargo South High School

Dr. Todd Bertsch, Principal

Greta Evenson, Asst. Principal

Dr. Shannon Mortrud, Asst. Principal

Mike Beaton, Activities Coordinator