clayton hinkle



Im Clayton, Im the son of Lucinda and Jason Hinkle. I have no sibilings and plain on being a pro angler. I enjoy football,wrestling and baseball. Im also a big Notre Dame fan. Ive been a football allstar lineman and all-ohio mention in wrestling.

my faith


i belive that jesus crist will pull me through anything. God has a influenace in my life and always will. I would always like for people to follow this faith. Im a cristian and go to a methodist church.


if fished for all my life and use shakesphere and bass pro equiment. People say i fish too much but i dont care. I need fishing pals so just ask me personaly. I know many fishing spots and want to try fly fishing some day.


My football is key, Ive had my fiends in football for years and i will defend my football buds ive did before and not afriad to do it agian.Ive never beat sheirdan or john glen and tri-valley. Ive played center for years and defencive end. Im so pumped for this foootball season.


Ive only wrestled for one year and love it. I placed at mvl tournament this year. I learned so much and like the hands on approach we have. This year my final record was 19-20. Newlexington wrestling has a great program and the tradition keeps going.