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The Re-imaging Project!!!!!

Please, Please, Please begin backing up your important files!!!!!

All teacher laptops will be re-imaged at some point in the weeks to come. Please begin making preparations for this by backing up everything you have saved to your computer. Anything unsaved during this re-imaging process will be lost!!!!!!

This really isn't a complicated process. You are basically doing two things:

  1. Signing in and activating your advanced sync settings in your Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Saving everything you don't want to lose to a flash/jump drive or uploading it to your Google Drive.

I have tried to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you through this process.

Step 1 Sign into and activating the Advanced Sync Settings in your Chrome Browser.

Big image
Big image
The steps above will keep you from losing your paswords, bookmarks, and other important information that the Chrome browser saves for you.

Step 2 Saving your Files Option 1

Step 2 Saving your files Option 2

Video for extra help only if it is needed

How to Back Up Your Files/Computer in Windows 7

What to do after your machine has been re-imaged