Masiello Happenings

Our Final Goodbyes!

A Look Back!

Please tell me where the month of May went? Thank you for taking the time to complete my personal parent communication survey. Effective communication is crucial and it is helpful to know the tools you enjoyed. It helps to see how I can improve each year. Last month we studied plant life and had fun tasting a variety of fruits and vegetables.... thanks to you all! We were introduced to skills such as fractions, opinion and persuasive writing. They sure did try hard to persuade me for extra recess and no more homework ! We enjoyed our field trip to Junie B. Jones. They were all very well behaved! The children were administered their last Aimsweb assessment for the year. I am pleased with the progress they have all made.

Upcoming Events

We have come to the end of our school year, yet your child's journey has just begun. It has been a fabulous school year. I enjoyed being with the children each and everyday. Each day brought new learning, new adventures, milestones and laughter. I hope they will look back at their first grade experience and have fond memories. They will forever have a place in my heart.

Now to wrap things up. We finished our last reading book and we will finish the year with guided reading; focusing on the ocean. We will also incorporate reader's theatre into our Language Arts block. We will finish our math unit on fractions and then review all skills learned throughout the year. We will continue using technology. We have our own Google Classroom and the children enjoy completing assignments on-line. I encourage your child to visit our Google Classroom at home as well. Our final science unit will be studying the ocean habitat and the characteristics and life cycles of various ocean creatures. The opening ceremony for P.E.S Olympics will be on Friday, June 3rd. The children will be actively involved in many fun olympic games throughout the month. Move up day is scheduled for June 13th. The children will have the opportunity to walk through 2nd grade classrooms and ask questions. This should eliminate any anxiety they may have. The last week of school we will celebrate all of their hard work with some fun activities. The schedule is below:

Monday June 13 : Move-Up Day

Tuesday June 14: Side-Walk Chalk (will be provided) .Dress in red,white & blue for Flag Day.

Wednesday June 15: Finding Nemo Beach Party- Kids are invited to bring in a beach towel and sunglasses.

Thursday June 16: Hawaiian Day- Kids are invited to dress in Hawaiian attire. We will end the day with an ice cream sundae party.

Friday June 17 : Autograph Day - A white t-shirt and fabric marker is recommended.

We still have 3 weeks left. We need to keep them focused as best we can. Kids continue to need structure and routine. I realize many are at the ball field in the evening, but I ask you to keep up our school homework routine.

Your child will forever have a place in my heart. I will always have interest in them and their future; wherever it leads.

Kelly Masiello