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Dates to Know:

November 24th- Third Grade PLC

November 30th- K, 4 and 5 PLC

December 2nd Leadership Meeting

December 3rd- 1st and 2nd PLC

December 7th- 3rd PLC

December 8th- K, 4 and 5 PLC

December 9th- Staff Meeting

December 11th- 1st and 2nd PLC

December 15th- 3rd PLC

December 16th- K, 4 and 5 PLC

A Few Notes about PLC Meetings:

PLCs will meet in the Resource Room--even when I am not here. The new format will always be the same (unless I let you know ahead of time). This means you will spend the first half of the meeting checking in regarding Tier students. The other half of the meeting will be a PLC on the grade level's chosen area of need/focus. This could be math and center around the CFAs and Engage New York or another common concern that you are working on improving in the CORE. Always bring your data notebook in case you need to access information regarding a student.

Feel free to update Lexile charts or add data to the wall you all are focusing on. You can put the info on a science board if you want to be able to put it up when you all are discussing your students. Please remember the data is for you. It is to help you see the needs and strengths. If there is a type of chart or way you want the data dis-aggregated--please let me know and I will be happy to help you.

Printable Fluency Passages

Mathematical Practices

Kid-Friendly Version of Standards

  1. I never give up on a problem and I do my best to get it right
  2. I can solve problems in more than one way
  3. I can explain my math thinking and talk about it with others
  4. I see the math in everyday life and I can use math to solve everyday problems
  5. I know how to choose and use the right tools to solve a math problem
  6. I can work carefully and check my work
  7. I can use what I know to solve new problems
  8. I can solve problems by looking for rules and patterns

Mathematical Practices Song (super cute)

As you introduce the practices--they can learn a verse



I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge that many of you are frustrated with the MTSS process and specifically the paperwork and "the team." The process has changed from submitting students for testing to problem solving as a team to figure out ways to keep them out of EC and help them grow. When there is a break down in their learning the system is that we discuss them in PLC and try to find solutions that are tried in the classroom in the form of interventions. We work as a PLC changing interventions looking for a solution--if learning is still not taking place the student is taken to the SST. In the past this meant testing but now it means that more people will problem solve. Even when a student is put on Tier III it does not mean they will be tested--it means that interventions are being added and then possibly testing will take place

This is a complete change in how we work with students and respond and I know it is difficult and I often share in your frustrations but we must remember that

approximately 50% of our students are on tier paperwork. This fact alone makes our work more difficult. In addition, several of you have a transition, which means the majority (if not all) of your students have paperwork which adds to the frustration. I know that we have students who have been "tiered" since Kindergarten but we do not have data or paperwork showing what we have done with them or in some way the process has stopped.

I know this is hard and cumbersome but we have to push through it to make things better--the system is not changing any time soon. But please know that some great things are happening in the midst of the frustration---our Progress Monitoring rates are the best we have had. Interventions are being put into place and great things are happening. To improve and go forward--we have to be vigilant about documenting (to the best of our ability) and continuing to take them to team or to PLCs for suggestions and modifications of the plan. The students will either grow or we continue to problem solve--I know we all want to "fix it" but the system requires us to show perseverance and continue to work towards what we know is right for students though the process is tough at times.

I know the paperwork is weighing many of you down--if I can meet with you or help you complete any of it--just let me know. Please do not give up and keep moving forward. I see so many wonderful things happening, continue to look towards the target--STUDENT SUCCESS! Just like you--I want to "fix it" but know that all I can do is try to help support you as you do your students.

We CAN do this! WE ARE TES!!

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