Joshua Ridriguez


SAN ANTONIO is a very huge an intersting place to visit.Their are many tun things to do at the RIVER WALK.Also their is tower of AMERICA,SAN ANTONIO SPURS and the ALAMO those are realy interesting places to go.

THE Alamo

The Alamo"s history is very important to SAN ANTONIO becuase that is how we became our own state.The Battle of the Alamo war was bloody and their was brutal deaths,SATN ANNA was angry beuase only FIVE HUNDRED men took out about THREE THOUSAND IN A HALF of the MEXICAN army.THE famus and bravest man fought for our STATE and freedom their names where DAVID CROKET,JAMES BOWIE,SAM HOUSTON,WILLAM B.TRAVIS,AND WAHN SAGEIN.Walking thru the doors of the ALAMO makes you feel like you where their.


SAN ANTONIO is a very historical place to visit.Also the Alamo is one of TEXAS biggest history of TEXANS freedom.Their are otheir histoy places to visit in tower of AMERICA that u can the buttilful veiw of the city.