by sydney li phan

what exactly is advertising?????

good question. advertising is the act of drawing attention to a good or service, get it?

people advertise to attract business like a restaurant would want customers or a shoe maker would want to have less shoes and more money.

i see what you mean but what about in france???????

in France??????????? well en france they do things fairly similar they have really annoying ads just like in the states with things like electronic billboards, texts on their phones paid for by a company, answering machine messages, even ads played before youtube videos!

that sounds annoying do advertisements ever improve life??????

wellllllll they can be a bother but their intentions aren't all bad some advertisements really do give you helpful knowledge that better your life in the long run. for example you see a tv ad about a 50$ phone plan then you get a pop up ad for a 30$ phone plan and you didn't have to do any research! or another example would be when drugs are advertised. you get to be briefed on the highlights of the drug and maybe it benefits you.

along the same lines i guess i'm wondering how do advertisements affect me?

well the average person living in the U.S. in a city sees up to 5,000 ads a day and that's a lot. you want to be informed about innovative goods and services but you don't want your life to revolve around being a consumer. one colorful ad might influence anything from your choice of cereal to who you vote for for president

i don't understand how could someone convince me what to buy??????

it happens all the time. the seller convinces you what you're currently doing is bad and what you can be doing is high end and it's what EVERYONE is doing. like water bottles. who actually convinced the whole world we needed to carry water everywhere when there are water fountains and sinks everywhere?

ta routine quotidienne

French Oreo Commercial (w/ English Subtitles)
the product is Oreos. the target audience is families. the message is that Oeros are for everyone that everyone loves them but they did it in a cute way with a cute little girl and her positive family relationship.