North V.S. South

The bloodiest war in american history!

Cause's of the war

Economic differences.

State's VS. Federal rights



Cultural differences.

Advantages and Disadvantages.

North Advantages:

Larger population

2.1 million in the army (178,000 blacks)

Under great leadership

Industrail power

More weath

More rail road's

Controlled stragies

North Disaventages:

Weak motvation

Unagressive officers

Far from home

Large coastline

Lots of land to protect.

South advantages:

Strong military tradation

Strong motvation

Cotton chould be exthanged with weapons.

South Disadvantages:

Money low in value

Low numbers in men

Under the leader-ship of jefferson davis(More of a dictorship)

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham lincoln was the north's president AND was a great leader.

Jefferson davis

Jeffersin davis was the souths ruthless president (Well more of a dictator) and was a bad leader.

Ulysees S. Grant.

Ulysees S. Grant was the main army general of the union and is famous for winning major battles.

Robert E.Lee

Robert E. Lee is a famous general that showed himself during the mexican-american war. He was a smart one and won many major battles in the civil war against the south. He was in the south becasue he didnt want to fight his own state.

General Information.

The american civil war was the most bloodiest war in america history. It was the longest war and no one thought it was going to last very long. Abe himself expected the war to end in just 90 days or three months or less.