Ovarian Cancer

About 1 in 75 US women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer is formed when cells fail to receive signals to stop dividing, continue to keep dividing and pile on top of each other, forming clumps. Those clumps are called tumors. Some tumors are benign, and stay in their clumps, and some are malignant, and break away to form new tumors.

What is ovarian cancer?

This particular type of cancer attacks the ovaries, a reproductive organ specific to females.

All About Ovarian Cancer!

What are the ovaries?

The ovaries are part of the female reproduction system, connected to the uterus by the fallopian tubes. They are responsible for holding eggs to prepare for fertilization.

Ovarian Cancer

A few symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating, fatigue, and abdominal pain. According to the American Cancer Society, obese women (with a BMI of at least 30) have a higher chance of developing cancer, but women who have gone through a hysterectomy are less likely to.

Treatments/ Survival Rates

A five-year survival rate is the chances of a person surviving five years after being diagnosed. The five-year survival rate of having a stage I ovarian stromal tumor is 95%. Treatments can range from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy. Most likely you will take more than one treatment.