My Bucketlist

Places to visit


In Venezula, there are many site to explore. First you have Angel falls which is the tallest water fall in the world and has the longest unbroken drop. Also located in Venezuela is Mount Roraima which is surrounded by clouds. I would be able to explore the Andes Mountains and visit Caracas in this country.

Osaka, Japan

In Osaka, you can visit the second largest city in Japan which includes an aqaurium. You can visit the beautiful Nishinomaru Gardens and admire Japan's cherry blossoms. It has japanese temples that show ancient japanese tradition, and there you can attend a bon festival.

French Polynesian Islands

From Tahiti, You can surf, go snorkling and scuba diving, and admire the crystal lyquid sunrise. I would visit every island in French Polynesia, andwould stay at a resort in the lagoon of Bora Bora which is in the calm beautiful waters of the lagoon.