All Hail the Vanguardians of the Galaxy

Roving Reporter

Due to my ever-growing jealousy of ESPN sideline reporter, Heather Cox, Hoke has decided to send me (Heather Cox) out on the road for my own reporting!

Ok, so the first part isn't true but the second part definitely is! I'm coming to see you! When? That's for you to decide! We want to LIVE-STREAM to Safari Montage and showcase you and the incredible work that's being done in all of your schools.

We will have a recurring time slot to live-stream each week (TBD), but if you've got something to show at a different time, I WANT TO KNOW! Please e-mail me at and let me know!

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Coaching Reflections

Being a Vanguard member, it's important to reflect upon our practices in the classroom. If you have not already done so, please complete the August reflection ASAP.

You can also work on the September reflection! It's a little different than August, so take a look!

Vanguard Communications

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Send it to first and we'll add it to the VanWeekly. We'd like to keep all group communications streamlined to help keep inboxes clear! Thanks!

Way to Go, Robbie!

Robbie Barber, METI for Woodland MS, was recently awarded the Dollar General Literacy Foundation Youth Literacy Grant! She’s starting a program at her school called “Listen Up!” and plans to use the grant money to purchase to buy audio books and Playaways for students to check out.

In addition, Robbie is training a student Tech Club to help support the teachers in her school! Thank you for going above and beyond, Robbie!

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The Vanguard Team is a group of educators dedicated to furthering the meaningful integration of technology into instruction through coaching and support.