Grow Your Twitter PLN

How to Build Your Professional Learning Network on Twitter


Twitter is an amazing powerful resource and tool for teachers. At first it can be confusing and maybe a little overwhelming. Maybe even like drinking from a firehose but once you understand its power it can transform your teaching. You may wonder how you have gone so long without it. If you take it in like teaspoons of water, its like having the world connected to you maybe even a little more then the teachers down your hallway. Twitter can be used for connecting with other fellow educators, lesson planning, class discussions, learning, professional development, and of course entertainment. I found it keeps me focused, positive, and serious about what impact I have as an educator. Check out the FB page below to stay updated about growing your PLN.
Twitter in Plain English

Understanding Twitter as an Educator

To understand how Twitter works as an educator, I encourage you to check out and put in some of my favorite hashtags such as #edchat or #education or #21stedchat #or #satchat (there are a ton of edu hashtags but here are a few)

Here is a link to visibletweets with #edchat already

Getting Started

Use the link above to help you on your Twitter journey.

Twitter Cheat Sheets

Building Your PLN


Hashtags allow you to easily join a conversation or search for what you want to learn about.

"To get involved in the conversation, and find the information that truly matters, you have to learn the hashtags. You probably already know some of them. #edchat and #edtech are among the most popular online search terms for our audience. But what about #gtchat, the search term for gifted and talented students, or #ntchat, the online designation for new teachers?"

The Right and Wrong Way

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Twitter for Beginners

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Sharing Twitter and PD

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