PACE Team Update: May 2016

Tablet Collection Tibits

The majority of this update serves as reminders of general tablet collection information. For detailed information, refer to the Tablet Collection Newsletter sent a couple of weeks ago.
Please share parts or all of this newsletter with your grade levels/departments. Thanks again for all you do!

Teacher and Student surveys are now available

Let me start by saying they are shorter this time! Yay! There are 14 questions for students and 9 for teachers! The button is below if you'd like to click and take the teacher survey now.

Although there is time built into the tablet collection schedule for SS classes to take the survey in the media lab, if classes would like to get a head start there are multiple ways to complete the student surveys:

Tablet and Accessory Fee Reminder

If the following items are not turned in the fines are as follows*:

  • Charger = $30
  • Tablet (refusal to turn in) = $275
  • Tablet (lost) = Offense policy procedures
  • Tablet (damaged) = Offense policy procedures

Be mindful that the expectation is to receive all devices and accessories from students and teachers. The full price of the tablet will not be enforced unless there is just cause (i.e. refusal to turn in).

*No charge for non-returned or damaged stylus, earbuds or case

Tablet Signed Out for Good

All tablets will be wiped on the following dates:

  • Monday, May 23 -- 7th Grade & Shelton (C3 & C4), Currie (C3 & C4)
  • Tuesday, May 24 -- 8th Grade & Currie (C1 & C2), Bentley (C1 & C2)
  • Wednesday, May 26 -- ALL remaining devices (including teacher devices)


Teacher Tablets & Accessories Due: No later than May 26

Teacher tablets, teacher keyboards, teacher chargers and classroom charger sets are due on the day of your grade level turn in. They can be turned in early, but Thursday, May 26 is the absolute final day.

ICAA (In case anyone asks...) :)

  • New devices for teachers will be given out before you leave for the summer. A brief optional training will be available both face to face and online.
  • Amplify call center will no longer take calls after this week. Use for any troubleshooting issues.
  • Canvas training will be offered over the summer. No stipend will be given.

Thank you

Lastly, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for serving on the PACE Team this year. I greatly appreciate your time, ideas, assistance and overall support of the PACE initiative. I know this is not at the top of your priority list as an educator, but I value your input this year. During this Teacher's Appreciation week, know that you are appreciated as an important team!