College for Free

Free post-secondary education

Wouldn't you like get something that's essentially a necessity for free?

I'm pretty sure we all would, and college is no exception. Higher education should be made free in America because it is a requirement for many jobs and it needs to be made more accessible.

So Many Jobs

  • Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers
  • If these are so important, then why is college is so expensive
  • There would be an influx of people applying for these jobs

College Is So Dang Expensive

  • Low-income families can't afford higher education.
  • There would be increased opportunities for all people, rich and poor.
  • People would no longer have to lower their standards for jobs.
FREE Community College Tuition... A Bold Plan For the Future?

But What About The Money?

  • Colleges would go through a huge economic change
  • Colleges would focus less on money and more on education
  • The only requirement for college would be intelligence, not money.

Let's Make College Free

  • The Obama Administration is moving towards a plan to make college affordable.
  • More of a liberal way of thinking.
  • Maybe you could vote for the Democrats? (Pushing my luck)