Wild Fires

Dry, Cold, and Windy

What are the main issues with Wild Fires?

Wild Fires are uncontrolled. You can't direct the fire to a certain place and and you can't contain it very easily. Another problem with Wild Fires are that they are very destructive and can destroy acres of land in a matter of minutes.

What are some of the negative effects Wild Fires have on the environment?


Wildfires can destroy homes, lives, and millions of acres of forest. The aftermath of a fire can sometimes be worse than the fire itself. Fires burn trees and plants that prevented erosion. If heavy rains occur after a fire there will be landslides, ash flows, and flash flooding that can damage property and affect the water supply. The article above also shows some positive effects from wildfires.

What are the main regions or areas in or nearest to North America affected by Wild Fires?


Forest fire is common in places around the world where climates are moist enough to allow the growth of trees and shrubs, but have extended dry, hot periods. The most noted areas on Earth for wildfire include the vegetated areas of Australia, Western Cape of South Africa and throughout the dry forests and grasslands of North America and Europe.That period of time is called the wildfire season. Western U.S. fires tend to be more dramatic during summer and fall while Southern fires are hardest to fight in late winter and early spring when fallen branches, leaves, and other material dry out and become highly flammable.

What/How is wildlife most affected by Wild Fires?

Most people assume that as soon as wildlife sees a wildfires or any signs of it, that they flee from their homes like a cartoon. But that's not the case. In many situations, larger wildlife has been seen 300 feet away from the fires, if not closer. When most animals die from wildfires, it is most commonly by smoke inhalation from fast moving fires. Amphibians and reptiles usually easily escape by moving away from it or burrowing down into the soil.

Do wildfires affect our lives in League City? Can/Will they ever reach our area?

So far, no large wildfires have occurred in League City, only small forest fires. Although, wildfires are pretty easy to start so they could easily, and at any time, happen in League City.

Are people affected by wildfires? How?

People are affected by wildfires almost every time one occurs because of how quickly and easily they spread. People caught in wildfires almost always die; if they survive, they are usually burned very badly. Wildfires produce a lot of carbon dioxide which, inhaled in large amounts, can cause your respiratory to shut down, or fail, which can/will stop the rest of your body systems, causing you to die. People with Asthma have a greater risk of respiratory failure. If you aren't caught in a wildfire, your home will most likely be destroyed, and that could be one more person or family in poverty.

Who or what causes wildfires to occur?


As many as 90 percent of wild land fires in the United States are caused by humans. Some human-caused fires result from campfires left unattended, the burning of debris, negligently discarded cigarettes and intentional acts of arson. The remaining 10 percent are started by lightning or lava. Lightning is described as having two components—leaders and strokes. The leader is the probing feeler sent from the cloud. The return streaks of light are a series of strokes that produce the actual lightning bolt or flash that we see.

There are two types of lightning—cold lightning and hot lightning. Cold lightning is a return stroke with intense electrical current but of relatively short duration. Hot lightning has currents with less voltage, but these occur for a longer period of time. Fires are usually started by unusually long-lasting hot lightning bolts. (Most of this information came from the website included)

Are there any solutions people have come up with to prevent wildfires from happening?

Well obviously we can't help the lightning, but there are some things we can do to help prevent wildfires from happening in the future such as: We can keep trees trimmed, keep cigarettes, or any other fire hazard away from vehicles or park grounds, follow the local ordinances for burning yard waste and never leave a fire unattended.

What's your solution for wildfires?

My solution is that at campsites, we should have more officers patrolling the area to make sure there aren't any fires left unattended and to make sure people are creating fires, watching them, and putting them out correctly. (Below are two videos on wildfires and how they can destroy homes and lives in hours.)