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Newseum is an actual museum in Washington DC (and one I hope to visit!) They have an online collection of articles, wonderful primary sources, sharing about events throughout history. While much of the collection focuses on First Amendment rights, you can find many articles on topics beyond that.

Stop by the EDUCATION section and tour the options for teachers & students.

Sign up (it's free and requires nothing more than an email address) and you can also find lesson plans and ways to tour the museum virtually.

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September 18 - October 8, 2015

West circulation statistics: 605 (no circulation during Book Fair)

East circulation statistics: 884

East Materials Hold: 40

West Materials Hold: 9

West Class Visits: 2 (Book Fair: 4 days)

East Class Visits: 3

East days open to study hall: 7

West days open to study hall: 4