All Aboard the Titanic

The Unsinkable Ship

The biggest ship ever to sail the ocean

The Titanic can carry up to 3,295 people at one time. 2,435 of them passengers, the 860 people left include the crew members. It stretches 882 feet and 9 inches above the water from the surface. Considering the cold weather where the ship will be sailing there will probably be no need to go on the top deck. There are so many things for people to do on board and down below in their social class. Second class has their own gym, eating and dining areas and many other things. First class has a pool, gym, lounge, smoking room, and dining area.

Here is a tribute to our amazing ship. We hope you'll sail to New York with us!


For the third class passengers you will not be traveling in luxury nor anything near that, you will be staying in rooms about the size of closets, but for a much much lower price to get to America. For the Second class passengers, you will be staying in slight luxury. You will have fairly nice sized rooms for you and your families and your own dining area separated from the third and first class. if you plan to travel in first class, good luck.The tickets are far more money than second or third class, but you'll be dazzled at the accommodations it gives. Huge rooms, including a living room area and sleeping quarters along with huge dining areas, great food, a gym, and many more.

Welcome to the Titanic!

Sail With us All The Way To New York

We guarantee the most amazing, beautiful, fun, fantastic, and safe trip to America you will ever have. Join us on April 11th 1912 for our fantastic voyage! We hope to see you there.