My Year At A Glance

Gabrielle Sauceda

About Me!

  Well hello there! My name is Gabrielle Sauceda, but I go by Gabby for short. I am currently a Sophomore, soon to be Junior at Frenship High School. You may see me on the "Fine Arts" side of school; I am in the Big and Bold, Blue and Gold, Frenship High School Tiger Band! I play the Mellophone for marching season, and the French Horn during concert. Majority of my friends are in band with me, which makes band even more fun. Getting to compete, and travel with your good friends is so awesome! Like I said about seeing me in the "Fine Arts" side of school, I am also in Art 2, Drawing. Growing up as a kid I would always find myself doodling on anything I could get my hand on. My dad, has always been really good at drawing, so I assume thats where I get it from. Painting and Drawing is a great hobby for just getting away from reality for a while. It realives alot of stress, and is so relaxing. I am in a high percentage of my class and I actually enjoy doing well in school. Although I come off as peppy, and distracting to others, I know when to buckle down and get to work. I am currently in my second year of American Sign Language. This is the last year for ASL 1&2, so I am really luck to have gotten into the class as a Freshman and Sophomore. Being able to speak to someone who cannot hear through your hands is incredible. I feel very blessed to have been able to help those who cannot hear. Also, I have amazing freinds. Jessie and Kelsey; also Sophomores, are 2 of my best friends out of band, not to mention they are the biggest supporters out there! Jacob is my boyfriend, and is also a Junior. :) We have been dating for 6 months, and it will be 7 on the 29th of this Month. Now Lauren. This girl is awesome. We have all the same interest and she just gets me. Did I mention Lauren and Jacob play the French Horn too! Anyways, I have a great life and thats about it. Thanks, and Enjoy the rest of my page!  XO, Gabby

My Reflection On The Year!

WOW! That's all that comes to mind when I think about this year! I'm gonna miss my sophomore year because I have accomplished so much within the past 9 months of school! Lets start from the beginning; MARCHING SEASON IS HERE! "Hey! What's the football team doing on our field?!" This definitely has to be the best time of the year. Marching Band trips, Football games, Fall, Halloween, not to mention when Jacob and I started dating! I remember all the sweaty and rough rehearsals like it was yesterday, including standing next to Jacob everyday and on Friday Nights! I really enjoyed all my teachers this year; they were all really easy going and were always so glad to help! I also got a job at the new Market Street as a sacker! I like working there because they are really good with my schedule and I get paid every Friday! Although I have to save my money, its going towards Hawaii for band! Fun right?! Anyways, this year I actually liked my teachers haha! They were all very nice, and helped me through a lot. Having to move out, start paying for my own stuff, tests coming around the corner, it was really awesome having an extra backbone for support. My favorite class this year had to be Mr. Bridges English class. Not only was he easy going and chill, he was a really good teacher. I have learned more in this class than any of my others, The scenery, the way he teaches, the soft music just makes class so fun and peaceful. It was definitely one of my favorite classes. My second semester of my Sophomore year I passed all my test, turned the BIG 1 6, and got into the National Honor Society. This year has gone by so fast, and it will be missed, but I am very proud of myself for achieving so much. I just hope everyone realizes that when you put your ind to it, you can do it. I came into high school terrified but now I'm sitting in a high percentage of my class, social, making money for myself, and in the NHS. Hard work really does pay off, and I couldn't be more blessed with the position I'm in. Sophomore year was a good one, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has prepared for me my Junior year and the future!


If I could go on vacation to any place in the world, I would go to London, England! The atmosphere, British accents, seeing the London Eye, and going to a COLDPLAY Concert would be the best trip ever! I have always wanted to live there, and maybe even go to Cambridge University! If I could take anyone with me I would take my boyfriend Jacob. I know, I know sounds so cliche, but he too has always wanted to go as well. I feel like it would be a great experience for the both of us! Hopefully one day I can go, but I guess we will see!!
Coldplay - Clocks


To any incoming Sophomores that may be reading this, all I can say is.. ENJOY IT. Although you're still an underclassmen live it up. Don't forget to pay attention in class and to never give up! It may be harder than last year, but I promise if I can do it, you can too! Have a GREAT YEAR!

-Gabrielle Sauceda

"Don't wish for your dreams, go out and GET them!" - Mrs. Furgeson