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Use Glazing panel for your home Balconies and loggias

Glazing panel and loggias gives you extra space in the apartment. The loggia is possible to organize a study room, a sitting area and a nursery.

Beautiful finish will add warmth and a balcony will increase its value when selling.

The basic rules of the Glazing panel and loggias:

Stage 1 - Preparing the Glazing panel or loggias

In order to establish a frame with glass need to install the support structure. If a frame mounted on a metal fence, its upper part is fastened at the edge of the plate.

In a strong wind, Styroglaze plate and frame can crack fall (at best) on the balcony. The support structure will reduce the area of ​​the balcony or loggia.

Stage 2 - Reference masonry

The establishment of the support structure of the balcony is also required to establish a support wall of Styrofoam blocks. A retaining wall will need to firmly secure the frame on all four sides, so that the frame is deformed and not a gap. As well as giving additional insulation.

Stage 3 - Roof balconies and loggias

The roof can be taken up to 30 cm. It gives the opportunity to make wide window sills for flowers.

Stage 4 - Decorative trim balconies

It’s true that decorating a balcony or loggia look nice, but they remain cold during the winter. To apply the finishing wall panels or wall paneling is important for best temperature in winter.

Stage 5 - Insulated loggia or a balcony

In a warm lodge planes, coefficient of heat transfer resistance is not less than 0.55 m2 ° C / Watt. This means that the walls of the loggia or balcony should be insulated with the internal and External insulation and they should be removed and hung radiators.

The present warm loggia would look like as in the image below.

Next post, I will devote the VIP balcony, a large, open and incredibly beautiful!

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