Monday Message


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I saw this tweet pop up in my timeline last week, and I knew right away that I wanted to share it with you. It spoke to me immediately as I reflected on the number of times that I have mentally noted how many days are left until June 23rd. As I consider the powerful message behind the tweet, I'm embarrassed to admit that too many times I've let the hectic nature of May and June rob me of my joy (a phrase that two very wise individuals in this building introduced to me recently). That is not who I want to be, and, like so many other behaviors, naming it is the first step to changing behavior. I refuse to hand my joy over to things I cannot control!

It's easy to fall into the routine of focusing on "just getting to the end." I realize that it can be a crazy time of year, but I know that when I only focus on the end of things I miss all of the wonderful things that happen in between now and then. Our students haven't stopped learning. You all haven't stopped providing opportunities for them to grow, and I know that this will continue right to the end.

I believe wholeheartedly that changing the message about the final days of school will have an impact on student engagement and behavior. Ask yourself this question: Are you making the days count or are you counting the days? It's 12 words that can make a difference for our kids and for you.

Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

Monday, May 9th:

  • Fire Drills periods 3 and 8

Tuesday, May 10th:

  • Fire Drill period 2
  • Faculty Meeting (Gathering, Tracking, and Looking at Data), 2:15 PM, Library - Bring your Chromebooks
  • Skidmore K-12 Restorative Justice Committee Meeting, 3:30 PM, Skidmore College

Wednesday, May 11th

  • SchoolTool Unlock for Quarter 4 Progress Reports

Thursday, May 12th:

  • BLT meeting, 2:15 PM, Library Classroom (Bring Chromebooks)

Friday, May 13th:

  • Annual Talent Show, 7:00 PM, LGI

Upcoming Dates:

5/18 - Joint MS/HS ITL Meeting (3:00)

5/24 - 5th Grade Parent Night (6th grade teachers do not need to attend)

5/26 - 5th Grade Field Day (Rain Date - June 6th)

Faculty Meeting

During our faculty meeting this week Kristine Orr will be joining us as we talk about the topic of gathering, tracking, and looking at data. Previously we have gotten feedback from folks who have said that a more practical and basic approach to this topic would be helpful. Often we (and I completely include myself in this) look at data we are provided, data that we know should somehow guide us toward change, but we say "now what?" because it can be overwhelming. Together we will take some time on Tuesday to look at common assessment data and talk about how to take next steps. Remember to bring your Chromebooks so you can access this information. There will be some group work.

Tech Tips from Jerilyn

Jerilyn has a new Chrome Extension you should check-out (see below):

Here is an extension that I strongly recommend for those who have added previously created Word, Excel, or PPT to their Drive. With this extension, you can edit Office documents within Drive. Without it you have to download, adjust, save, and re-add to Drive. You cannot make new Office documents, but it helps those who already have them.

Teachers can go to the Chrome Web Store, type Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides in the search bar, and click Add to Chrome.

In the middle school, this extension should be on their Chromebooks because it is installed in the Chrome OS by default, but they should look for it on their top menu bar. It has an icon like the picture above, a circle with blue, green, yellow with a pencil in the middle. If it isn't available, add it.

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May 27th Conference Day Update

I will be sending out a sign-up document with descriptions of sessions this week so that you'll have a chance to plan your day. Check out the link to the schedule to see what is being offered (so far). We've got a great list going, and a huge thanks those of you who have already stepped up! Don't forget to let me know if you're willing to share your expertise or new things you've tried this year with colleagues.

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