May Updates 2013

Welcome to Our Newest SC STARS!

Jeff Plane

Sydney Young

Erin Kestner

Jenna Patrick

Liesl Price

Jamaal Barr

Shannon Herin

Kayla Murray

Candace Rhoden

Anya Sternenberg

Here Are Some Great DEN Events You Don't Want To Miss:

We have so much happening in South Carolina! Here are some upcoming workshops and conferences for you that will provide you with technology integration skills, hands-on learning, information about Discovery Education resources, lots of fun, and sometimes even a free lunch! Make sure you click the links below to learn more and to sign up. But hurry- these events are filling up fast!

Do You Want To Be More Active? Join Our Leadership Council!

We’d like to invite you to join the DEN Leadership Council (DEN LC). DEN LC members are the most active members of the DEN. They mentor new STARs and each other. DEN LC members host local events supported by Discovery Education. They support social media efforts and contribute regularly to the DEN blogs.

Being a part of the DEN Leadership Council is a commitment, but it also comes with many rewards. DEN LC Members commit to attend monthly team meetings, the LC Insider, and to remain active. By remaining actively engaged, members of the DEN LC receive a number of benefits:

  • Active voice in shaping the DEN
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • Access to the Discovery Education suite of products
  • Formal recognition (e.g., press releases, features on the DEN website, etc.)
  • Priority for exclusive events (e.g. Summer Institute, Discovery Channel events, etc.)
  • Extra thank yous sometimes (like those cool blue hoodies)

DEN LC members choose a team with whom to work. Here’s a little information about each team and what they do.

Blog/Social Media Team- Plans efforts to connect STARs through social media. Frequently contributes to the DENblogs about local and global events/interests.

Events Team- Plans local and regional events supported by Discovery Education. All members of this team are expected to support or host at least one LC event. The Spring and Fall VirtCons are perfect launching points.

Rising STARs Mentors- Works with ~25 new STARs in a structured capacity. Welcomes new STAR Discovery Educators to the community.

Innovation & Strategy Team- Provides feedback/ideas for product improvement, community enhancement.

DEN Connects Team- Creates projects and supports opportunities for educators to connect their classes with other classes involved in the project.

Partnership Ambassador Team- Shares and supports the free programs offered by Discovery Education’s partners.

We hope you’ll consider joining this group of DENspiring educators. If you are a DEN STAR and are ready to take the next step in growing with the DEN, click here to sign up for the DEN LC.

Cool Tool: PicCollage App

PicCollage is an app on the iPad that I enjoy using with my students because my students enjoy using it for their projects. It creates posters that can include images, text, and background. Images can be imported from Discovery Education. Posters can be created on any subject and with any grade level, making this app very versatile. Watch the video below to learn how to use PicCollage with your students.
PicCollage with DE

Are You Presenting?

Watch this space for information about some of the DEN's best and brightest ...STARs! We're putting together a directory of STARs presenting at conferences all over the US and Canada. If you plan on attending a conference, you won't want to miss all of the great resources and information from these sessions. Stay tuned!

Are you a STAR heading to present at a conference like the Midlands Summit or the Upstate Technology Conference? Complete the form to have your name added to our directory.


Make sure you check out the DEN Blogs to keep up to date with everything DEN in-between our monthly publications!

Your SC DEN News!

This monthly publication comes to you from Jessica Donaldson and Karen Ogen, two of your Discovery Education Leadership Committee members, in an effort to keep our South Carolina Discovery STAR educators more up to date with what is happening with both the South Carolina DEN and the greater DEN community. If you have any events to report, questions about the DEN, or if you need to know anything about Discovery resources or how to get more involved with the SC DEN, please contact either of us or any of your SC DEN Leadership Team representatives listed below.

Your SC Leadership Committee:

Lawrence Armstrong, Blog Team,

Suzanne Brooks, Events Team,

Amy Dent, Events Team,

Jessica Donaldson, Social Media Team,

Dawn Gardner, Events Team,

Marion Myers, Rising STAR Mentors,

Karen Ogen, Rising STAR Mentors,

Robert Pettis, Events Team,

Norma Rockwell, Innovation & Strategy Team,

Andrea Rollison, Events Team,

Donna Teuber, Innovation & Strategy Team,

Donna Thompson, Events Team,