Hello Mrs Carmello's Students

Good luck on Passport Night.

Great places to visit in our nation...

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There is so much to do here in our country. Studying the USA nevers ends because there is always something to learn about America, no matter how old we are....

Beautiful California...

...from sea (the Atlantic Ocean) to shining sea (the Pacific Ocean)...so many picturesque places to visit.

Can you label the pictures below?

Beautiful flowers everywhere you travel.

So many animals to see...

And we know all about gemstones. Exhibits in our country display gems from all over the world.

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Our country offers many unusual sights as well...

Then there is all the amazing food in our great country.

...and the beautiful sunsets!

Mr. and Mrs. Jesmonth wish you all the best as you share all that you have learned about this great country during your passport night. All the best to you as you dance, eat, and share all that you know about America. Enjoy!

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