Miss Parks

Final Evaluation at Norris

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Completion of my first 8 weeks

I have successfully completed my first 8 weeks at Norris Middle School. It is bitter sweet to be leaving. I am excited to begin my new journey at Marrs Magnet Center with 5th grade science.

What to continue...

When going into my next placement I need to continue my enthusiasm about meeting the needs of all students. I will need to keep working hard on mixing up the lessons and keeping students engaged at all times. With Marrs being a technology magnet I am excited to see just how much I am capable when it comes to technology within the classroom.

What to work on...

I need to really focus on asking questions and using my peers. I find myself frequently trying to find the answers instead of simply asking. I also need to focus on making sure that I come up with my lessons completely on my own within a timely manner. I also need to work on going above and beyond the classroom to learn how to use tools I will need as a future teacher.