"twist your way to the right side!"

Demozel is the party for you!

We support social security, jobs, education, the environment and immigration!

*Do you want full benefits when you retire? Hopefully at age 62-67? WE CAN GET YOU YOUR FULL BENEFITS!

*Are you without a job? We're pushing to make sure EVERYONE has a good paying job. No man should be left behind!

*Troubles with your school? Wish to move to another? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. You have the right to choose whichever school you want!

*Think our environment ins't as clean and well-kept as it should be? NOW YOU CAN HELP. The government should own the environment and help keep it clean and safe.

*Have strong opinions are immigration? SO DO WE. Making sure we're not taken advantage of is key. Only the best can stay forever.

There is something for everyone!!!

Don't forget to stop and receive your free soft pretzel for voting the day of the election!