Weekly Address

June 15-19

District Updates

Dignity Reports:

  • None

VACANCIES - If any faculty or staff member are interested in any of the following positions, please inform Mr. Hall or me ASAP!!!

- Modified boys' soccer

- Modified boys' baseball

On Friday, June 12th, all AM and PM BOCES students will be attending the Awards Ceremony in the morning.

Fun Day will be on June 19th with the rain date being June 22nd. The Fun Day will begin at noon. Families have been notified that they are welcomed to join so please be prepared for parents and/or siblings to join the stations. Ice cream will be served after lunch and before stations begin.

I will be in interviews for most of next week. If you need anything from me, it's best to email. Thank you.

Elementary Teachers

Reminder, notify Sheryl Crandall about the in-school programming offered by Melissa Widrick. Please inform Mrs. Crandall about the programs you wish to have in your classrooms in 2015-2016.

If you have not already done so, please submit benchmark data to my office or email.

Report cards are open and will be open until June 22nd.

If we have already held your grade level meeting, don't forget to turn in pink and blue cards and your recommendations for class placements.

Please keep in mind as you divide your classes for next school year that these are recommendations only. I may make modifications so please do not indicate a student's teacher on the report card without verifying placement with me.

Pink and blue cards have been distributed. Please complete before your assigned grade level meeting. If this is not possible (especially for those of you who have a meeting next week), you can attend the meeting and then finish the cards afterward). Thank you.

K-1 - Friday, June 19th @ 2:30 pm

1-2 - Thursday, June 18th @ 2:30 pm

2-3 - Friday, June 12th @ 2:30 pm

3-4 - Tuesday, June 9th @ 2:30 pm

4-5 - Monday, June 8th @ 2:30 pm


See links below!

The first social studies inquiries have been posted. So, too, have the charts that display all of the planned inquiries. Remember, an inquiry is something smaller than a unit . The inquiries, alone, do not comprise a curriculum. Curriculum writing is still necessary, potentially with some of the inquiries embedded inside the curriculum.

Interesting research has identified those students who participate in athletics in high school generally have higher-status careers than those who don’t. The research doesn’t identify specific causes, but makes some observations worth considering.

There are some difference between the brains of girls and boys – but maybe less than as portrayed in popular culture. Still, we should pay attention to those differences and plan for them.

This short video from Sara Brown Wessling (who will be here in August at PBLNY) shows how students can use their mobile devices as a part of closure and formative assessment.

Check out this recorded Hangout to learn about two PBL/science projects.

Interested in learning about PBL over the summer? There are two opportunities:

Good advice for school leaders who are looking to increase student engagement through Project-Based Learning.

There is a huge difference between the classroom teacher being the audience and an authentic, real world-based audience. It can be a challenge, however, to include an authentic audience. Here are some ideas for including that all-important and potentially game-changing audience.

This guide to school-home communication can help you ensure that your publications are accessible and understandable.

An AP teacher stops trying to “cover” the content and instead prioritizes the most important content. Student achievement went up. He urges others to join him.

What will the school library look like in the future? Here’s one description that describes the continued importance of the library as the hub of the school.

Effective research can be done using mobile devices, says this school librarian. Different technology tools can also help the entire inquiry process.

These students prepared a radio news show during their semester of social studies. Students delivered their own learning to others in this engaging approach.

These five math lessons can be used with students of almost any age to start the year in math off in the right direction. The resources you might need are provided. Think about using them in September!