To Act or Not To Act

The life of an actor in musical theater

What does it mean to be an actor in musical theater?

Being an actor or actress in musical theater means performing on stage to entertain people with song, dance, and of course acting. Many people come to see Broadway shows and plays. Actors are the people that make these kinds of shows happen!

Traveling, Dangers, Advantages

Being an actor provides tons of traveling opportunities. They travel to different theaters for different parts and can even travel from venue to venue in one theater group. This job provides all kinds of advantages. This includes being able to travel and perform with great people, playing different characters every role, getting a chance to be on TV or in movies, and an opportunity to become famous. Famous actors get good clothes, are highly paid, are loved and remembered by millions of people, and get to help fund raise for people who are not as successful. Along with many advantages come some dangers. Actors can fall of the stage or get hurt in a fight scene. More famous actors could get stalked and not have much privacy from the public. Although there are dangers, being an actor pays off.

Education Required

To be an actor, one must have talent in acting, singing, and dancing. The more experience the actor has in these areas, the more likely the actor will get parts in musicals and plays. They must also know how to sing in different languages. Different languages provide different styles of music that can help the actor become more fluent and varied in their singing. Also, being able to speak another language can help an actor get a part in a foreign play. Penn State University Main Campus provides musical theater majors and foreign language majors along with the University of Wisconsin. To get in however, it is very helpful to know how to sing, act, and dance in a foreign language.

Money is of no issue

Actors are known to be paid well. Along with big shot movie actors, musical theater actors also get paid the big bucks. Small theaters may not pay as much as others. They may pay $200 for an entire production or $200 a week. More famous theaters, like Broadway, offer more money. The lowest paid actor on Broadway, in the ensemble, gets paid about $1,558 a week. The stars of the show get paid between $50,000 a week to $30,000 a week. Mid range actors, or supporting roles may get paid $5,000 a week.

See You in Show Business!