Project WILD Agenda

Everything + Everyone = LIFE

So, what's the plan?

Follow along with the agenda below to see how our day will play out!

And if you want to follow along with the presentation, go to:

WELCOME 9:00-9:05am

Tell us about your SELFie

Icebreaker 9:05-9:30am

What's Wild?

--stay tuned for how you can use this in your class as a mini-lesson!

What is Project WILD? 9:30-9:40am

Interactive Demo 9:40-10:00am

Wildlife Issues: Community Attitude Survey

Issues on the table:

  1. hunting/poaching
  2. waste management (recycling)
  3. invasive species

Break Time!

We're all heading outside! 10:10-10:55am

Quick-Frozen Critters!

This is a WILD game - so think Positive (like a proton)!

Small Group Projects 11:00-Lunch

  • Adaptation Artistry
  • Spider Web Geometry
  • My Kingdom for a Shelter
  • Make a Coat
  • Tracks

Be back at 1:00pm ready to present your activity to the class!

Small Group Presentations 1:00-1:50pm

Present your activity to the class.

  • Include how you could use this activity in your own class
  • Take notes on My Wild Plans

take a break!

Large Group Activity 2:00-2:50

Bottleneck Genes

Key Terms:

  • Biodiversity
  • Genetic Diversity
  • Population Bottlenecks


Take a Hike! 3:00-3:30pm

...through the Project WILD Guide.

Door Prizes might be included!

Even.More.Resources 3:30-3:50pm

Don't tell me I never gave you anything...

Survey & Take Back 3:50-4:10pm

Take a few moments to complete a workshop survey and brainstorm what you can take back with you today to use tomorrow (or Monday)!

Sharing is Caring 4:10-4:20pm

Share with the class how you are going to implement Project WILD in your classroom or venue. We need at least one specific, but feel free to share more!

I dub thee, WILD! 4:20-4:30pm

Certificates & Sayonara's
The Big Bang Theory - S09E20 - Sheldon in nature !