Gifted & Talented Program Update

Tahlequah Public Schools -- December 2022/January 2023

We hope to use this monthly newsletter as a way to share information with parents and our community about gifted education and the TPS Gifted & Talented (GT) Education Program.

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Tahlequah Gifted & Talented Family District Night was a HUGE success!!

We had a great turnout for our recent GT Family Night! Parents and students from across the district enjoyed free pizza and STEM activities like Create Your Own Board Game, Critical Thinking, Coding Robots, Rube Goldberg, and more!!

We would like to thank Cherokee Elementary principal Marissa McCoy for hosting and Steve White from Love's Bottling for donating bottled water. We appreciate your support!!

This past month in RISE 🚀

Identified gifted students began RISE in late August. RISE is our pullout "class" for identified gifted students (Top 3%) in 3rd-6th grades.

In November/December:

3rd - 5th graders continue to work on "Wonder" Journals. Wonder Journals are a collection of questions or wonders that a student has about the world. These journals will hopefully encourage student wonder and curiosity by allowing students a place to write down these questions. We plan on continuing to use the Wonder Journals throughout the school year--sometimes focusing student wonder, but mostly just allowing time for students to wonder about the world around them. Our ultimate goal is to investigate some of the students' wonders as a group and have students share their findings in a creative way in a kind of "Wonder Fair."

3rd - 6th graders investigated the microscopic world using Smartscopes. Students had an opportunity to learn how investigated everyday objects, themselves, as well as nature--leaves, bugs, trees, rocks, etc. using a Smartscope--a microscope connected to their Chromebook(image below). They are currently working on sharing their captured images and/or videos with each other using a shared Google slides presentation. With this investigation, students are not only learning how to use a Smartscope, but are also learning how to do image formatting and animation in Google slides. We will share some of our favorite images with you in next month's edition!

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