Spring Patio Contest

Spring Your Patio to Life and Win Big!


Our team often has the unfortunate task of sending out reminder notices about patio upkeep. Instead, let's turn this into fun contest by hosting a PATIO CONTEST. To help encourage a Spring Clean Up, our first category will be "Most Improved" followed by "Sensible and Sensational" (think veggies, herbs, etc), and of course, "Prettiest Patio".

The "Rules"

Entries must follow the regulations in your Rental Agreements. This includes:

  1. Items may not be hung from the building, the eaves, or be mounted to the roof in any way. (For example, no wind chimes, bird feeders or other hanging items)
  2. All materials must be within the confines of your patio. Nothing may spill over into common areas.
  3. Most important - If you aren't sure, just ask!

Some Inspirational Ideas to Get You Started

  • Mixing pots and urns of different size and shape can make for a very appealing look. Keep the color palette similar to avoid color clashes. The patio should look like a peaceful artistic adobe for your senses!
  • Choose your plants wisely! Consider the sun/shade, dimension of the patio, growth and maturity of the plants you are choosing. Visit local nurseries for suggestions. Use pottery of different heights to add more density and depth to your garden!
  • Visit our Pinterest Page for ideas and more pictures that may inspire you! pinterest.com/cottagebay

Patience, Grasshopper!

We know these things take time. We want to ensure you have time to get your plants growing, let them begin to mature and fill in. So, while our CONTEST BEGINS TODAY, and will will be monitoring your progress, snapping pictures and keeping tabs, the contest will officially END JULY 31, 2014, and winners will be announced at our Annual Summer BBQ and Pool Party, and prizes will be awarded at that time!

The Prizes

"Most Improved" winner will receive a $25 WalMart Gift Card

"Sensible and Sensational" winner will receive a $50 Fred Meyer Gift Card

"Prettiest Patio" winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card