The Road to Perseverance

Noah Schnell


The continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition. Everybody goes through advertises and everyone has to persevere through it in order to succeed.

Cause and Effect- Rolling in Dough

Tom Monaghan failed at making his pizza business. He had a lot of dept up to $75,000. Every time Tom opened up a new building he failed, then he had to sell it. Had to make partnerships to keep his pizza business going. Those partners took money from him which forced him to farther in dept. Tom then had to gets loans to pay for the building and equipment. After all of these advertises he finally made Domino's.

Problem Solution- Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan didn't make his high school basketball team. He kept on practicing after that. Michael always had faith in himself that he could do it. He preserved through his practices and training. Waited until next season came around. Made next years team.

Description- Lauren Hill

Lauren had brain cancer had she wanted to play high school basketball. She was able to play one game of collage basketball. Lauren inspired many kids with cancer to follow their dreams. Lauren was very noble. She was always thinking of what would happen to other people in her life when she passes away? Lauren was wondering what would happen to her parents, and other relatives? She was always thinking of others. She wanted the best for them. Lauren wasn't thinking wants what will happen to me.