Rudy project

Jaime Cespedes

Academic goals:

What I will want for my academic success will be that after high school i want to apply to the university of Southern California with an athletic scholarship. I aslo want to apply for a degree in mechanical engineering.

Athletic goals

I would want to play soccer for the university of Southern California I would love to play varcidy soccer all through high school then play college soccer at the university of Southern California.

Personal goals

My personal all goals would be to graduate from USC with a degree then play professional soccer in Europe.


Pepople that have help me have been U14 soccer choach julio and my dad and brother always believing in me and that I can do my best.

Physical obstacles

a physical obstical I had to overcome was when I was small doctors had said that there was something strange going on with my heart. to this day the the mysteriousd thing going on in my heart has disappeared but doctors havent done a clear diagnosis.

Family obstacles

A family obstacle I have to overcome is my parents are working six days a week for ten hours a day and have almost no time to take me to soccer practice or attend school events. Also at this moment I don't think my parents don't have enough money to send me to college.

School obstacles

Some obsticals I need to overcome in school is to have time to have good grades in order to stay in my soccer team and give all the give all the effort I have in both school and soccer

Financial obsticals

At this times don't have to deal with financial issues. my parents are the ones that take care of the family expenses

Attitude/motivation plan

In college I will have to adapt to a new environment and a different schedual of my corses I have to take .

Education/training plan

When I get to college I willl study all I can for as much time as I can. As for soccer I will be willing to attend traing daily and give in 100% effort in both school and soccer.

Plan for acquiring needed skills

To have the skills needed to get through college is a great understanding in math and fluency in English and a well skill set in soccer when I join the college basketball team.

Plan for study and practice

I will be willing to be up sleepless nights studying for my courses of the day. I will aslo train as much as I can in the schools soccer team