Asbury Elementary Family Connection

A Weekly Newsletter for Asbury Families

January 7, 2023

*Newsletters will be sent out twice a month*

Dress for the weather! Students will be outside unless the temperature/windchill drops below 25 degrees!

Important Dates

January 12: PTO meeting 5 pm- 6 pm

January 16: No School

February 2: Mobile Dentist (Final Day)

February 6-17: Book Fair (more details to follow)

February 7: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30

February 10: Ties & Tiaras Dance 5:30-7:00

February 16: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30

February 20 & 21: No School

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Mission Possible: The Human Kindness Project

Asbury has kicked off the New Year in a big way! Our students are working on completing twelve KINDNESS 'missions'! We encourage you to ask your child about the daily missions! Here are the missions that we have completed so far:

Mission One: Write a letter of encouragement to another class.

Mission Two: Complete a kindness bingo board.

Mission Three: Pay an act of kindness forward (we were able to keep a kindness chain going through all TWENTY classes!).

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Letters of Encouragement

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Kindness Bingo

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Pay it Forward

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Leader of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated Leader of the Month for December!! If your student is listed, be on the lookout for an invitation to our Leader of the Month breakfast!
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Get ready....Moments Matter: Family Edition starts this month!

Family Moments Matter Slips!

The Asbury 'motto' is: Moments Matter: Every Student, Every Lesson, Every Day. Students have opportunities to earn Moments Matter slips that celebrate a virtue or skill that the student has shown. Those slips are read on the announcements! They are a great way to reinforce positive qualities that we have taught at Asbury.

This month kicks off our Family Moments Matter slips!! Students will receive a blank Moments Matter slip along with the SEL topic of the month to take home to their Grown-Up. Grown-Ups are encouraged to fill out the slip if their child shows one of the virtues, skills or SEL quality. Once filled out, your child may return the slip to school. We will read the slip on the announcements and you will be entered into a monthly gift card drawing!

Our Asbury Virtues are:






We also celebrate Learner Qualities of:



Responsible Risk-Taking

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SEL (Social Emotional Learning) topic for January:

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Lunch Accounts

Owe Lunch Money? Apply Now for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch

We understand that students may run short of lunch money or leave their packed lunch on the kitchen table before jumping on the school bus. In these unexpected situations, students may "charge" their lunch. Charges are considered a debt and must be repaid.

· Regular Lunch Service (all grades) – No more than five (5) days of outstanding charges are permitted.

· Reduced-Price Lunch Service (all grades) – No more than five (5) days of outstanding charges are permitted.

Many families in Groveport Madison Schools qualify for their child(ren) to receive free or reduced-price lunch through the National School Lunch Program. Qualified students can receive free or reduced-price lunch daily, and applications can be completed at any time of the year as circumstances dictate. We encourage all families to complete an online application through their PaySchools Account. The information provided is confidential and is only used to determine eligibility for the Federal Lunch Program.

Winterfest Moments!

We had a fantastic Winterfest! Not only did families get a free pancake breakfast, but every child received a FREE toy. This gift was made possible through a grant from Toys for Tots. We sincerely hope that our Asbury families had a safe and restful winter break!
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2nd & 7

Athletes from area universities such as Ohio University and Capital visited our 2nd grade students to share their love for reading. Every 2nd grader received a free copy of the book The Hog Mollies and Ike & Ivy's Ice Cream Shop. As an added bonus, the author of that book joined us as well!
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Other Asbury Reminders....

Need gloves or a coat?

If your student is in need of a winter coat, gloves or hat, please reach out to our school social worker, Mrs. Sweeney at


In the event of a student absence, it is important that the office is notified. Even if you report an absence to your child's teacher, a phone call must still be made to our attendance office at 614-833-2000. If our office does not receive a phone call, an attendance call will be sent out by 10:00 am notifying you of your child's absence. Students who arrive after 9:15 am will be marked as 'tardy'. Information regarding absence hours can be found here.

Bus Safety Guidelines

All this week we will be talking about how to be safe and responsible on the bus! Here are some general reminders to talk to your child(ren) about.

  • Find a seat quickly and stay seated for the entire ride (do not switch seats).
  • Keep the aisle clear of feet, hands, bags (the driver needs to see out the back window).
  • Keep hands inside the bus window. Do not throw anything out the window.
  • No eating, drinking, or gum chewing on the bus.
  • Keep voices to a minimum. Yelling causes huge distractions to the driver.

It is important to note that students who cannot follow these expectations will have consequences that may result in a suspension from the bus.


Emotions can be overwhelming! As part of our Social Emotional Learning, we try to give students tools to help them manage big emotions in a positive and productive way. Having your child take 10 deep breaths, or giving them 3 minutes to calm down before trying to talk may be the key to helping your little one work through a tough spot. Here are some fantastic resources that can add tools to your parent 'tool-box'!