Central Africa

Makayla Thompson


Central Africa is a hugely fertile region, with abundant grasslands, vast tropical rainforests, and many rivers and lakes

5 Countries/ 5 Cities

  • Angola/Luanda
  • Cameroon/Douala
  • Central African Republic/ Bangi
  • Chad/N'Djamena
  • Democratic Republic of The Congo/ Kinshasa

Economic Activity

  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing

Physical Features

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The climate is tropical, with abundant rainfall of about 178 cm annually in the south, decreasing to about 86 cm in the extreme northeast. There is one rainy season,December– March and one long, hot, dry season, April–November. Floods are common.

What i liked most

  1. I like that they have gold as a natural resource.
  2. I like Central Africa because of the waterfalls.
  3. Central Africa has a lot to offer.
  4. They have a gorgeous landscape.
  5. They have great tropical weather.

Natural Resources

Tourist Attractions