February 2018

Awesome EdTech

Updates - Stay in the Loop:

  • Update Your Enotes Lists! - With the new semester came many new schedule changes!!! If you haven't filled out the Google Form for changes to your E-Notes lists please do! Google Form

  • Printing Lesson Plans in the NEW Google Calendar - I sent an email earlier, but just a reminder - "Agenda" is now called "Schedule" in Google Calendar!
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Virtual Learning Activities

Remember - Four are required for the year AND one must be a REQUESTED Nepris Session!


Discovery Education Calendar of Virtual Field Trips

Connect 2 Texas Opportunities

Groups of educators on Google+ looking to connect classrooms via Google Hangout and/or SKYPE to determine the class' mystery location in the world as well as other activities!

Mystery Location Calls


Connected Classrooms

Google Hangouts in Education

Mystery Hangout

You can check out a webcam with a mic from the media center!

Reserve the multipurpose room with the big, nice conference camera here!

--Here's how to reserve a room, if you need help with that!

Don't forget to record your virtual learning activities on the sheet in the HMS Team Drive here!
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Hearts Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash