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Brain Jack Forney.Tx date 12/16/09 50 cents

Advice column

My advice for Sam Wilson is that before hacking in too home land security is to make sure that. You can not be tracked back to you

From your biggest fan

I appreciate it i take that into consideration next time i decide to hack In to something thanks

From Sam Wilson

Movie review

Actually the movie brain jack is being released on 12/18/2015 if your a hacking fan and love computers i would recommend on going to see it is rated PG so you can take the kids with you it starts off as a regular boy in high school that has a joy for hacking in to things and him and his friend have a problem with the way things went critics say it is a must say Brian Falker s brain jack staring Morgan freeman and Lauren London

Feature article

A conflict that occurred is when Sam is caught. Hacking and some officers are called in to his address and take him away and throw him in to a prison he could be facing a terrorist charge cause hacking in to the White House type data base could mean life in jail so sam sits and waits and waits he is thinking that he will never be out of jail so when he think he might as well try to break out home land workers get him out and ask him does he wanna work for them Sam response was a quick yes
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I need a under study so if I get ill they will know what do

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