Team Tortorello Newsletter

1st Grade Sherwood

Important Dates and Information

Friday, February 28: Early Release at 1:36 PM

Monday, March 2: No School, Casimir Pulaski Day

Dr. Seuss Week/ Read Across America Week

Monday 2/24: Cat in the Hat: Crazy Hat & Hair Day

Tuesday 2/25: I Am Not Getting Up Today: Pajama Day

Wednesday 2/26: Wacky Wednesday: Backwards/Mismatch Day

Thursday 2/27: My Many Colored Days: Favorite Color Day AND

Guest Reader Day at Sherwood

Friday 2/28: The Foot Book: Silly Sock & Slipper Day

Author's Chair Friday, February 28

We are going to have our first Author's Chair next Friday! Students can sign up to share their own writing. It can be something they created at home or in school. Stories do not have to be complete and it is optional.

Looking for Morning Bin Supplies

We love our Friday Morning Bins! Each week we take 10-15 minutes to build, create, share, discuss and work as a team. It's a great team building experience for our tables. If you happen to have any morning bin supplies that you are no longer using, we would love to take them off your hands. Our past/current bins have included Legos, gears, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, Lincoln logs, cups, Kinex, etc. Thank you!!

Spring Conferences

Hard to believe spring conferences are in a month! You should have received an email from PCTFast to sign up. They are 15 minutes long and it is just parent / teacher. If you have not signed up, please click the link in the email and pick the time that works best for you. I know many might be traveling. If so, we can schedule a phone conference during our conference window. A pre conference sheet will be sent home a week ahead of conferences. If you have questions, please let me know!


We have been hard at work on reading and writing. Last week we finished our focus on planting seeds and the life cycle of an apple tree. Students worked on asking questions as they read and finding details to support the main idea. They wrote their first nonfiction book about how a seed grows. This week we prepared to start our next unit on planets, the moon, sun and stars. It's one of our favorite units. We talked about our schema (the information we already have in our brain) and collected our wonderings. Today we started reading our first chunk.

Over the past two weeks, we've worked on the long o and long u sounds with the CVCe pattern (i.e. tone, tube). We also discussed the long e sounds and patterns (e, ee). We broke words with the VC/CV pattern into syllables and learned how some words that end in y have the long i or long e sound! Students continue sorting their differentiated sorts.


We've worked with our different pattern blocks to learn about 2D shapes. Students were also introduced to 3D shapes. This week, we worked symmetry and rotating 90, 180, 270 degrees. We just started working with fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4). In number corner, we've discussed congruent shapes, how to decompose big numbers into two smaller numbers and how to add 3 single digit numbers together using a shortcut to combine two to make a 10. Next week we will continue working with fractions.

Leprechaun Traps

We will be designing and building leprechaun traps with our 4th grade buddies for St. Patrick's Day. We are in need of makerspace materials. Any of the following would be helpful for our builders:

- boxes

- tape

- paper towel tubes

- wrapping paper

- anything that would attract a leprechaun

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Can you brainstorm words that have the long e sound that end in an e? (we, be, me....)
  • How do you know if two shapes are congruent? (same size, same shape)
  • Can you break 100 down into two smaller numbers?
  • What class won the 1st grade iRead trophy?
  • When you think of this week, tell me something you are proud of.
  • When you think of this week, tell me about a challenge you overcame.
  • What is something kind you did this week?