Al Capone

By: Caragan Underwood

Capone's early life

Al Capone was born on January 17,1899 Brooklyn, New York

Al Capone had to do 6th grade twice. Al Capone punched a teacher when he was 14 years old. Al Capone dropped out of school when he was 14 years old in 6th grade.

Capone's Crimes

One of Al Capone's crimes is the Valentine's Day Massacre. Valentine's Day Massacre is one of the most deadly crimes ever committed .On Thursday,February 14,1929 at 10:30 AM seven people were assassinated by Al Capone's men. Al Capone's rivals were killed by Al Capone's men .

Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion. Tax evasion was the only thing the federal government could get on Capone. It was hard to get Capone for tax evasion but they got him. Capone was keeping the things he bought in his family members names. He had books of list of things he bought. His ledgers were in a secret writing and the police broke the secret writing and got Capone for tax evasion he was then sent to jail.

Prison For Capone

He was sent to state prison for carrying a concealed weapon. He was transferred to Alcatraz for bribing guards and for placing personal belongings in his cell, as well as committing tax evasion. Al Capone had it bad on Alcatraz. He got harassed by other cell mates.

HIs Final Days

Al Capone got sick in Alcatraz, his sickness was syphilis. Al Capone later had to go to the Alcatraz hospital. Al Capone later got out of prison. Al Capone died from a heart attack brought on by syphilis. Capone is buried in Mount Caramel Cemetery in Illinois.
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