Adult Violence in Youth Sports

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Adult Violence Stops NOW!

  • Adult Violence is getting out of control, in just five years, adult violence in youth sports has quadrupled (McMahon, 2006).
  • "a father in Philadelphia had pulled a .357 Magnum on his son's football coach, enraged that his son wasn't getting enough playing time -- in an Under-7 Pee Wee football game" (McMahon, 2006).
  • We need to target the parents of the children of youth sports to make a difference.
  • Our goal should be to end adult violence and instead become role models for the children (McMahon, 2006).
  • Youth sports should have a "trained and knowledgeable supervisor" to look over everyone (Bach, 2001).
  • Parents as coaches need to undergo education for strict code of behavior (Bach, 2001).
  • Parents before entering their child in a youth program should receive "orientation and live up to a code of ethics" (Bach, 2001).
  • A football program that focused on these areas that mandatory required parents to do the program in Texas, proved that it can reduce or eliminate violence. "approximately 15,000 parents have gone through it, and not one parent has caused a sportsmanship problem" (Bach, 2001).
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