By : Emily M .

Earth's magnetic field .

Earth's magnetic field is a protective field that shields life from the Sun's harmful rays and space's harmful materials . Without the Earth's shield there would be no life on Earth .

What is a compass ?

A compass is an instrument that helps with travel and contains a magnetized needle to show the direction of magnetic North and its other points . ( South , East , and West )

Compass Connected

The Earth's magnetic field acts upon a part of the compass needle . This causes it to align with the field and point north , which is actually " magnetic north " .
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Using a compass , the basics .

Step 1 - Hold your compass correctly and comfortably .

Step 2 - Figure out where you're going . ( Understand the difference between North and magnetic north . )

Step 3 - Follow the direction in which the compass needle points , according to your destination . ( North , South , East , West )

Step 4 - Focus on points in the distance . Look at the compass arrow and then focus on a distant object , such as a tree or a pole . Head towards the object with your compass and use the chosen object to help as a guide .

Step 5 - Follow and keep moving in a targeted direction to get to your destination .