8th Grade Education

What are we learning?


In Science, we are learning about fossils. Mostly how fossils are made and their relative age found by the layer of rock they are found in.

We are also learning about atoms and the protons, neutrons, and electrons inside them.

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In Math, we are learning about how to find triangle degree when given two of the degrees. To find it, you would add the two given sides and subtract that by 180 because all three sides of a triangle should have a sum of 180 degrees. For example:

40+80= 110


The missing side is 70 degrees.

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English/Language Arts

In English, we are learning mostly about writing essays. The essay needs good grammar and to be organized.

You need an introductory paragraph with a hook/bait, TAG (Title, Author, Genre) and a thesis. Then you need at least one or two body paragraphs with evidence and defense. Finally, you need the concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and gives a zinger. Throughout the essay needs to be transition words.


In History, we are learning about Lewis and Clark (shown below), and the Louisiana Purchase. It's mostly about why Lewis and Clark were sent on their journey and less of where they went.

The Louisiana Purchase was when the US bought the Louisiana Territory from France, which doubled the size of the US at that time.

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