Google Takeout

Transfer your WHPS Google Data!

Please note that after you leave, all of your school accounts will be deleted. This includes any documents you saved on your network drive and all of your Google data (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Presentation, etc.). If you want to save your Google data files, you can use the Google Takeout.

Google Takeout Instructions

It may take a long time for files to be copied, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to do this. You are also limited in the number of “takeouts” you are able to do in a 24-hour period. We recommend using the download link to retrieve your files. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup of it as well on a USB Drive or another hard drive in case you need to retrieve it in the future!

Create an archive of your data

First, choose which products to include

  1. Visit the Download your data page and sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Choose which Google products to include in your download. To see more details and options for a product, select the down arrow.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Choose your archive's "File type." Note: We recommend using .zip format for best compatibility between devices and operating systems.

Next, choose how your archive is delivered

When your archive is created by using one of these options, we'll email you a link to its location. Depending on the amount of information in your account, this process could take a few minutes or several hours. Most people get the link to their archive the same day that they request it.

Send download link via email

Note: You may try other delivery methods but we cannot guarantee compatibility. We'll email you a link to download your archive.

  1. For "Delivery method," select Send download link via email.

  2. Choose Create archive.

  3. In the email that arrives, click Download archive.

  4. To download your data, follow the onscreen instructions.